Refereed Journal Publications
  • 김종건, 정희정 (Chung, H. & Kim, J.) (2003) "네덜란드 복지개혁과 노동시장정책의 변화 - "기적"을 넘어 "유연보장"으로" (english title:Welfare Reform and Labour Market Policy Changes in the Netherlands: beyond ‘Miracle’ to ‘Flexicurity.’”)상황과 복지 14호 177-214. 
  • 사회복지학문후속세대 (The Next Generation Scholars of Social Welfare) (2003) "한국 복지국가 성격논쟁 뒤집어 보기" (English title: “Korean Welfare State Regime Argument in a Different Perspective.”) 상황과 복지 14호 217-240.


Book Chapters
  • Wilthagen, T. Muffels R. & Chung H. (2013) “The ‘state of affairs’ of flexicurity in industrial relations: assessing country performance using transition indicators” Arrowsmith & Pulignano (eds) The Transformation of Employment Relations in Europe: Institutions and Outcomes in the Age of Globalisation.Routledge. pp. 184-206
  • Bekker, S. and Chung, H. (2009) “Restructuring Organisations while Striving for Flexicurity: Connecting the European Level to National Contexts” in Moreau, M.A. (ed.) Building Anticipation of Restructuring in Europe. PE Lang Publishers.pp.303~330.